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Why You Need a Personal Jeweler

Kortz is the premier personal jeweler in Denver and throughout America. We have been a personal jeweler to the King himself, Elvis Presley, and can help you! There are literally thousands of jewelry stores throughout America and even more online jewelry stores.  Prices vary wildly and unless you are a certified gemologist you probably can’t tell what is the best quality.  Sure, it may be pretty but are you getting what you are paying for.  Perhaps you are in the market for an engagement ring or maybe you are looking for a rare emerald?  No matter what type of jewelry or stone you are looking for a personal jeweler will make the process completely painless and guess what…. it’s free!!!!

What Exactly is a Personal Jeweler

A personal jeweler works for YOU not a jewelry store.  We have multiple sources to procure the perfect gemstone you have been looking for.  We have access to hundreds of options to find your ideal diamond.  And we can even help you customize jewelry or repurpose your old jewelry.  You simply let us know your requests and we go to work for you.  We will find what you are looking for and present to you the prices.  You are under no obligation to purchase.  Here are some top reasons why people have come to love using a personal jeweler.

  • Professionalism: I work with a very limited number of clients at a time so that I can truly invest my vast experience to make sure you are getting exactly what you need. I believe in quality, not quantity.  You are not a number to me.
  • Pricing: Physical jewelry stores work on profit margins. They have to to pay the rent and keep the lights on. Because we do not have any overhead we can offer you the very best jewelry prices.
  • Selection: I have been a jeweler my entire life and my family has been in the jewelry business for four generations.  We have contacts around the globe and access to a selection that is limited in an individual store.
  • Quality: We know what a quality gemstone should look like.  We will help guide you to selecting the best quality for your budget.
  • Discretion: You should have the right to complete privacy when purchasing luxury items. We will never share your purchase history with anyone!

A Personal Jeweler is More than Affordable, You Can Even Find One That is Free

You may think a personal jeweler is only for the rich and famous but everyone can use the help of a qualified personal jeweler.  We help everyone!  Sure, we have helped Elvis Presley procure a rare black diamond ring but I promise you will get the same attention we gave him. Save money and get the very best in quality.  Especially when you use someone with experience like Bob Kortz.

Kortz Jewelers

The Kortz family has been in the jewelry business for 4 generations.   If you are in the Denver area you probably remember their store and the iconic clock on the 16th street mall in downtown Denver.  We closed our physical store to concentrate more on helping individuals such as yourself on a personal level.  As your personal jeweler, I can assure you my contacts and ability to hunt down a perfect gemstone, an ideal diamond or a specific piece of jewelry you have in mind, is unmatched.

How Do I Get a Personal Jeweler?

Well, that’s easy!  Just give us a call at 720-439-9810 and we will get to work for you.

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