Custom Design Process

Custom Jewelry Design Process

Creating custom jewelry is fun, easy and affordable.  

  • Step 1

    Send Us Your Ideas

  • Step 2

    Work Together with Kortz to Customize

  • Step 3

    Create a Wax Mold of Your Design

  • Step 4

    Finalize Piece

Kortz will be there at every step of the process to make sure you get everything you need.  And we’ll make sure you get the highest quality and the best possible price.  There is no other jeweler in Colorado with the experience we have.  Our ability to source the best products is unmatched.  Think what you want is impossible to find?  We will find it!  We even helped Elvis Presley find a black diamond he spent years trying to obtain. Ideas are only limited by your imagination.  There is absolutely no charge for the consultation, estimate, original pictures or sketches. Contact us today to get started. 


  1. Many jewelry design programs appear online. Most, if not all, simply assemble pre-made mountings and gemstones, and call it Custom Design
  2. COUNTERSKETCH is so much more, offering true and complete Custom Design. View the work with us as the designs develop
  3. Add to that, your participation, with suggestions and modifications which occur “on the spot”
  4. Diamonds and gemstones may be selected.  Or, your own gemstone can be used
  5. Instant 3D renderings and cost estimates are included in the presentation
  6. It couldn’t be easier or more convenient. Your choice, visit our office, or work. Or even better…   EVERYTHING CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED ON A VIDEO CONFERENCING CALL
  7. No cost to start. Meet or contact us to discuss your ideas   

          With COUNTERSKETCH, a design with pictures and estimate may be completed in a single session. 

Custom Jewelry Design Process