View our amazing display of loose diamonds, displaying “Light Return” of “Very Good or “Excellent”, indicating “Sparkle” brighter than 95% of the world’s diamonds with the same color and clarity.  Use the tool below to search and filter diamonds.  Scroll below for more information on selecting a great diamond.  Or simply call or text us for an ABSOLUTELY FREE consultation.  

  • Before making a decision and to discuss diamonds you noticed, we encourage you to contact us. We are excited to consult with you. 
  • Look for the video icon next to each diamond listing to display the Light Return/Sparkle Report. 

Kortz Originals Diamond Selector Tool

The Kortz Originals Diamonds Difference

  • Backed by the expertise and experience of a fourth generation jeweler.
  • Consult with us before making your purchase. We are always available to address questions and concerns , as well as offer other choices.
  • Better than shopping online where diamonds are purchased sight unseen.
  • At Kortz, pay nothing until you see the diamond, compare it to alternatives, and make your decision.
  • And we have multiple payment options and financing plans.
  • Kortz Originals ensures your diamond will Sparkle, with Brightness and Brilliance like none other.

Sample Light Return/Sparkle Report

In addition to a magnified image of the diamond, there is a Gemological Grading Report ,The Gemprint Report (Fingeprint of the Diamond), and full diamond measurements.