Best Place to Buy Diamonds in Denver

Hands down there is no better place to buy diamonds in Denver than Kortz Jewelers.  Kortz has over 4 generations in the Denver Jewelry business.  Bob Kortz has access to hundreds of diamond dealers and online databases to make sure you are getting the best of the 4Cs.  Of course, that is cut, clarity, carat weight and color. No matter the size or the shape we will find you the best diamond at the best deal.

Online Loose Diamond Search Tool

We have an online diamond search tool to get you started.  You can search specific diamond shapes, set a price range to find a diamond at the price you are looking for, set a carat weight, color, cut and clarity. But if you are looking for the highest quality diamond and the best price it is best to call Bob himself.  Simply let him know what you are looking for and your budget.  You probably have an idea of the shape and carat weight you are looking for. And there are plenty of online tools to find you a diamond but how do you know you are getting a quality diamond?  At Kortz, you DO NOT PAY FOR YOUR DIAMOND UNTIL YOU SEE IT!!!! That’s right, we will order your diamond for you to see in person before having to pay a penny. So, you have complete peace of mind on your diamond purchase.

Diamond Selection Tool


Once you put in your search criteria for your perfect diamond you will see a list of results. Click on the diamond to see photos and light performance details. Light Performance technology captures and measures the actual output of light from a diamond. Also referred to as brilliance.

Loose Diamonds Denver

Putting a Loose Diamond in a Setting

Maybe you just need a loose diamond?  Again, no worries we can help you find the perfect loose diamond.  But maybe you want to put a loose diamond in a setting.  Perhaps as an engagement ring?  Boy, do we love engagement rings!  We have a ton of bridal settings on our site or we can help you create a custom engagement ring.  And even though we are physically located in Denver, Colorado and the best place to buy diamonds in Denver you do not have to be in Denver to use us.  We can be your personal jeweler regardless of where you live and ship diamonds anywhere in the world.

Best place to buy an engagement setting denver