Pink Diamond Ring

Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

Of course, diamonds have always been known as the traditional engagement ring stone.  But today many are opting for colored diamond engagement rings.  All diamonds come in a range of shapes, sizes, clarity and color. A colored diamond engagement ring can possibly match her personality better than a traditional diamond ring.  Here are some of the colored diamond engagement ring options that have become the latest craze.

Colored Diamonds

A colorless diamond is the rarest of all diamonds.  In addition to traditional diamonds, you can find yellow diamonds, brown diamonds, blue diamonds, red diamonds, and even black diamonds.

Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds come in a variety of shades from pale yellow to dark yellow. When it comes to colored diamonds, yellows are the most common. Gemologists estimate that they make up 60% of the colored diamonds. According to color psychology, people with yellow personalities are perfectionists. They have high expectations and big plans.

Brown Diamonds

Commonly referred to as chocolate diamonds, brown diamonds can be found both naturally and artificially. Although the look of these diamonds makes them appear brown, they are actually white diamonds that have been treated with heat in order to change the color to brown. If you have a brown personality, you are steady and reliable, and quietly confident. In addition, you are friendly and approachable, genuine and sincere.

Red Diamonds

Red Diamonds are the rarest of colored diamonds and thus the most expensive of the colored diamonds! They only come in a fancy intensity. People with red personalities are action-oriented, assertive, confident, decisive and determined.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are personally my favorite colored diamonds.  You can find blue diamonds from light to deep blue. A blue diamond is a type of diamond with all of the same inherent properties as a traditional white diamond with the additional element of blue color in the stone. They are colored blue by trace amounts of boron that contaminate the crystalline lattice structure. One of the most significant differences between blue diamonds and blue sapphires is their chemical makeup. A blue diamond is composed entirely of pure carbon. On the other hand, blue sapphires are made of corundum, or aluminum oxide. Those with blue color personality strengths tend to be enthusiastic, sympathetic, communicative, compassionate, idealistic, sincere and imaginative.

Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds range in color from faint to dark pink. The source of their pink color is greatly debated in the gemological world but it is most commonly attributed to the enormous additional pressure that these diamonds undergo during their formation. Ben Affleck gave Jennifer Lopez a 6.1 carat pink diamond engagement ring. If you have a pink personality you are friendly and approachable, kind and generous.

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are exactly what you think they are.  The darker black the more valuable. At Kortz, we have been specializing in colored diamonds for years. And even help procure a rare black diamond ring for Elvis Presley. The main personality trait of those who choose black as their color tends to enjoy prestige and power.  Artists also tend to lean toward black.

Elvis Presley Black Diamond

Buying Rare Colored Diamond Engagement Rings

So whether you are looking for a loose colored diamond or a full engagement ring Kortz can help you with all your diamond needs.  We are locally based in Denver, Colorado but we have clients worldwide. We have an online diamond finder on our website but for the best quality and prices simply give us a call and tell us what you are looking for.  After four generations in the jewelry business, we have dozens of sources in which to procure your precious colored diamond. And what’s even better, we will order the diamond and personally ensure its quality before you have to pay a penny.