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Denver Jewelry

Kortz Jewelers has been a Denver Jewelry staple for over 4 generations.  You could find our storefront and the iconic clock on the 16th street mall in Denver for over 100 years. But we have realized that everything is going online.  To be able to offer the absolute best prices for Denver Jewelry we have taken our business to the net!  You will find everything you need on our website at  A diamond search tool, a gemstone search tool and a full online jewelry selection.  And if for any reason you can’t find what you are looking for on our website just give us a call or shoot us an email.  We have the unique ability to help you design any custom piece of jewelry your little heart desires.

Diamond Search Tool

Our diamond selection tool is so easy to use.  You can search by specific diamond shapes, price range or any of the 4 C’s.  Carat Weight, Clarity, Cut and Color.

Denver Diamond Selection Tool


Gemstone Search Tool

Looking for the perfect emerald or ruby?  How about a rare gemstone?  At Kortz Originals we have created a simple. easy to use gemstone tool that will make your selection process easy.  At our Denver jewelry storefront, we simply could not show you all the gemstones we have.  And if you are at all worried just give us a call at 303-520-0955 before buying and we will double-check that you are getting a quality gemstone.

Denver gemstone dealer

Jewelry Selection

Easily search for any type of jewelry using our Jewelry Search Tool.  Engagement rings, necklaces. bracelets, cocktail rings and so much more. Simply click the category on the left and then drill down using the filter to find your perfect piece of jewelry.

Denver Jewelry Search Tool

Custom Jewelry

Still can’t find what you are looking for?  Don’t worry, we can help you design any piece of jewelry your heart desires.  And if you are in the Denver area we can even meet in person.  I can meet you at a local Denver coffee shop or we can simply connect through a Zoom meeting.  The custom jewelry design process is so fun.  And did I mention free?  That’s right!  As a Denver Jeweler for over 4 generations, I truly love what I do and I will make sure you love your jewelry no matter where you live.

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