Jewelry Customization Process

Jewelry Customization Process

Are you in the market to customize a new piece of jewelry? Are you thinking of proposing to that special someone and it’s time to customize the ring? Or maybe you want to create a special present for you Mom’s birthday? No matter what the occasion is, we will be happy to help you create the perfect piece through our jewelry customization process. On our website, there is a variety of different custom features so that you are able to create the perfect gift.

Step 1: The Portfolio

One of the best places to get ideas for your custom jewelry is in the portfolio section of our website. Featured in this section is a variety of rings, earrings, and pendants we have created in the past. This is a great place to start for inspiration, and we can always take one of our past designs and make it special for you!  Pinterest is another great place for inspiration when it comes to the jewelry customization process.  Magazine ads, something you saw in a movie?  No problem.  Send us images or links and we can start from there.

Custom Designed Earrings

Step 2: Diamond Selection

On our website, we have a special diamond selection tool where you can customize the price, cut, color, carat and shape of your diamond. We will match you with the best diamonds for your specific purchase! We have thousands of diamonds for you to choose from! Once you have selected a diamond, we will show you the gems history. We even provide you with a certificate of authenticity all on our website! We also give you the sparkle rating of your diamond by using our refined optical brilliance scale.

best diamond selection tool

Step 3: Gem Selection

Maybe you want to pick a gem instead of a diamond? No problem! At Kortz we have a tool just for gem selection! You can narrow down your gemstone choice by creating a price range and choosing your gem type, color, cut, quantity, weight, and you can even see the origin of the gem! This is one of the best gem selection tools on the market.

custom ring settings

Step 4: Pick the Setting

Once you have chosen the stone, it is time to pick the setting! We have thousands of settings for engagement rings alone! We also have necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet, and fashion ring settings! Once you choose your setting, you can see it with a 360 view to ensure that you get the full experience of choosing your jewelry.

Jewelry Customization

Step 5: Shop Around

We always encourage our customers to check our prices against other retailers, such as Blue Nile. If you find a better price at another store, call us, and we will always try to beat it! We scour for the best gems all over the world, to find you the best quality jewelry at every price. So what are you waiting for? Go have fun wit h the jewelry customization process on our website today!  And if you would rather have the personal touch of a professional jeweler simply give us a call.  We will walk you through the whole process and even get on a zoom call with you.

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