Custom Wedding Bands

Custom Wedding Band Denver

Here at Kortz, we want to help you find the perfect wedding band for your special day! Maybe you want something more delicate? Or maybe you need your wedding band to be tough to keep up with your daily life? No matter what your needs are, we can create a custom wedding band to fit your lifestyle perfectly!

Types of Custom Wedding Bands:

Something Old:

At Kortz, we can customize a piece to be to your exact liking. Maybe you saw an old vintage ring in a store years ago and you just know it will make the perfect band. We can recreate it for you! Featured in the picture bellow is a ladies 14K White Gold and 18K Rose Gold wedding band, molded after her mother’s original wedding ring! This piece allows her to incorporate family in a very special way.


Custom Wedding Bands Denver


Something New:

We love to work with you to create new inspiring pieces of art. Recently, we finished two wedding bands. The men’s ring above is a 14K White Gold band with Black Zirconium inlay. The inlays can be customized to your liking! The inlay can include: wood, different colors of gold, sterling silver, platinum, titanium, carbon fiber, and even meteorite. Call us today and we will help you pick the perfect inlay for your custom wedding band!

Something Borrowed:

Maybe you have some stones that are precious to you from another piece of jewelry? Bring them to us and we will incorporate them into your custom wedding band! At Kortz, we produce a wax molding to show you how your ring will look before it’s even created! We can surround the stone in a wide range of metals. This option is a great way to add a sentimental touch to a very special ring! It also is economically and environmentally friendly.

Something Blue:

At Kortz, we have a wide range of stones for your wedding bands! Maybe you’re proposing on the beach? A touch of blue on her wedding band will spark that monumental memory for the rest of her life. For the touch of blue, you might include: blue sapphires, blue diamonds, turquoise, or aquamarine! Maybe you want to surprise your future husband with the ring? We have a stunning cobalt inlay for our men’s wedding bands.

At Kortz, we have a number of features for you to choose from for your custom wedding band. Whether you want something, old, new, borrowed, or blue we can customize the ring for you! Our goal is for you to have a beautiful and unique piece that will keep both of you smiling for a lifetime!


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