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Repurpose Your Old Jewelry

Here at Kortz Jewelers, we want to make your customization dreams come true. Not only do we sell custom made new jewelry, but we will also revamp your old jewelry! If you have jewelry you’re no longer using, bring it to us and we will help repurpose your old jewelry and create a new custom piece with it for you.  If you live in the Denver area we will be happy to come meet with you.  Or you can mail us your jewelry fully insured and we will work together over Zoom to create the perfect new custom jewelry piece using your old stones.

How to Get Started With Repurposing Your Old Jewelry

Do you have an idea of what you want?  We are happy to give you ideas but clients are encouraged to share design ideas. This assists our designers in the creation of custom pieces.  Ideas come from many sources, Pinterest, magazines, cocktail napkin sketches,  saw it in a dream, among others.

True Customer Story

Our customer’s old ring needed a redo.  She noticed a fashion magazine picture, not a ring, but a bracelet.  Ideas blossomed. She wanted to model her ring after the bracelet she fell in love with. It had curves and open space, combined with swirls she loved.

  1. First, she sent us a photo of the bracelet and let us know the types of stones she was providing.
  2. Then, she sent us her old ring. What to do with old diamonds
  3. Diamonds were removed from the original ring, to measure their precise sizes, and select which to incorporate in the new ring.  The more the better we were instructed.                                                 
  4. Sketches were prepared, discussed, and modified until it was exactly right.     Custom Diamond Ring                                                 
  5. Next, our CAD designers went to work on a detailed model, and a wax model grown from the CAD file. Wax Mold Ring
  6. Finally, an excited customer gave final approval, and the ring was cast in White Gold.  A casting, although precise in shape and size, as well as diamond placement, is rough and unpolished.  It requires finishing work of a talented and experienced jeweler and diamond setter.custom diamond ring from old diamonds

What Jewelry Can I Bring in to Repurpose?

You can bring just about anything to us and we will help with repurposing your jewelry! Maybe you have a ruby ring passed down through your family that you never wear anymore. Let us help you breathe new life into it and give it a setting customized for you! We can help you turn that antique ruby ring into the perfect modern necklace so that the family heirloom lives on in your daily life!

What Happens to the Old Jewelry Setting?

When you bring in the piece of jewelry, we will take out the stones and put them into a new setting. We use new metal to surround your stones to give them the longest possible life and protect them for the years to come. You will receive credit towards your new customized piece for the precious metal that surrounded your previous stones.  Or we can have that sent back to you.

Ideas for New Jewelry:

Upgrading your Wedding Ring

Do you have a wedding ring you are looking to upgrade? Keep the stones and we can work with you to create a whole new setting. We can help you enhance your wedding ring by adding new stones around the preexisting ones! We want to work with you to make sure that your special piece is enhanced to your liking.

Antique Jewelry

While family jewelry can play a big sentimental role in our heats, sometimes the pieces aren’t playing a big role in our daily looks. Here at Kortz we understand the value of sentimental family heirlooms. We have been in business since 1892 and the store has been passed down through our family. We want to help you create a piece that is true to you and true to the jewelry’s past. That is why we use state of the art countersketch technology in order to make sure your antique jewel is perfectly redesigned into its new setting. We will help you repurpose your old jewelry into something truly special.

Combining Pieces

There are many reasons to keep your family jewelry. Maybe you want to create something new for someone you love out of pieces you’re not wearing anymore?  Here at Kortz, we can help you repurpose your old jewelry into a new piece. We can take stones from multiple pieces and combine them into a piece that you can’t wait to wear!

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