When it comes to custom jewelry, Kortz Originals utilizes the leading custom jewelry design software, Countersketch. There is no other jewelry software that allows for the customization that countersketch offers.

How Does Coutersketch Work

As you participate, your jewelry is designed and created right before your eyes. Our custom design service provides thousands of design suggestions, along with diamond and gemstone selections. You can also incorporate your own loose gemstones if you prefer.  A benefit  of Countersketch technology is  modifications can be made immediately in the moment, allowing  for full creative freedom as inspiration strikes.


How Much Does The Custom Jewelry Design Process Cost

Customized jewelry might sound expensive, but in reality is more reasonable than you might expect. Your active participation in the design process means that you will be receiving a one­ of-a-kind piece created exactly to your specifications.

Do We Have to Meet in Person

While it is always nice to meet in person, this isn’t always possible, and with Countersketch, it’s not necessary. We all live busy lives, which is why we have made it as simple as possible to design and create the perfect ring from your home or office over video conferencing. This is the perfect option for when it’s not feasible to get out. You will have the same input as if we were face-to-face, with the convenience of working together remotely.

Have you always dreamed of creating that  unique and meaningful ring? Let Kortz Originals help you realize your dream with our  premier customization process.   We look forward to working with you on your custom project. Call us today to learn more about COUNTERSKETCH CUSTOM DESIGN technology and the process of creating beautiful custom j e w e l r y.

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