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What is 3D Diamond Cutting for Custom Jewelry?

Custom jewelry always makes for an exquisite gift, but it’s especially well-suited for special occasions. Engagements, in particular, provide the perfect opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind ring your loved one won’t find anywhere else. With 3D diamond cutting, an innovative new technology taking the jewelry industry by force, you can ensure your ring design is executed with the utmost precision and creativity. Find out what this unique process entails below.
What Is 3D Diamond Cutting for Custom Jewelry?, Denver, Colorado

A Brief Guide to 3D Cutting for Custom Jewelry

What Is 3D Cutting?

Technology is evolving the way we create across nearly every industry. Jewelry making has a rich history extending back thousands of years to when custom pieces were crafted by hand. Today, custom jewelry is one of the greatest areas of opportunity for 3D technology.

With the use of 3D design software, jewelry shoppers have the ultimate creative control over every detail of a diamond ring. This includes stone size, shape, color, and even extensive design changes. Once you’re completely satisfied with the design, jewelers will then precision-build the piece just for you based on the computer file. After, you’ll receive a completely unique, one-of-a-kind ring which you helped to create.

What Does the Cutting Process Entail?

custom jewelryWith the ability to be programmed by intelligent software, today’s diamond cutting machines can “read” the 3D model of the jewelry by transforming it into digestible data. It then splits the diamond into pieces, which enables the machine to work on them individually and use as much of the diamond as possible. Cutting tools such as lasers may also be used to achieve precision cuts without contact.

Next, mechanical bruting will be performed. In this step, two diamonds are placed on a wheel and spun against one another to form the outline. Only one diamond can cut another since these stones are the hardest natural mineral on Earth. Finally, another spinning wheel will be used to polish the diamond’s surfaces, and the stone is inspected to ensure there are no flaws.

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