Custom Unique Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are important, and you should have something as unique as she is. The stereotype that an engagement ring has to be a diamond has ended. Your future wife should have a ring that matches her personality. With our large selection of engagement rings, we will help you find her the perfect stone. Her ring may be one of our beautiful sapphires, emeralds, or rubies. The perfect unique engagement ring is waiting for you at Kortz Originals.

Here at Kortz Originals, we strive to create custom engagement rings for your special day. We want to partner with you to make sure her ring is as perfect as she is. We will work with you to create a custom ring so that your unique imagination can come to life. There are so many stones that may encompass your relationship better than a diamond.

Reasons You May Want a Less Traditional Stone

Does she shine brighter than the stars? A moonstone might be the perfect centerpiece for her ring.
Does your future bride love the ocean? Choose a ring for her that comes straight from the ocean floor. One of our stunning pearls will be the perfect reminder of her happy place.
Do you want her engagement ring to represent her love of nature? A beautiful green amethyst will do just that! A stone that represents the beauty of nature and your relationship will make her smile for the rest of your lives.
A ring that represents a loved ones birth month may be the perfect ring for her! Were you born in July? The ruby birthstone would make a personal touch for your future bride.
Your unique engagement ring may be one that represents a special moment in time. Are you proposing to her by the ocean? We’ll help you find her a sapphire as blue as the sea!

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond’s are a beautiful choice, but there are so many other ways to personalize her unique engagement ring. Every time you tell the story of your engagement, her ring will play a special part. Let your imagination run wild for the perfect ring for your bride. We will work with you to find a ring that has the “wow” factor, and she will be blown away by her unique engagement ring. On your special day you can feel comfort knowing that Kortz Originals will create the perfect ring for your lifetime of happiness.

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