What Colors Do Colored Diamonds Come In?

When most people think of diamonds they think of traditional white diamonds.  But there are so many gorgeous colored diamonds to choose from.  Diamonds occur in a variety of colors including steel gray, white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink to purple, brown, and black. Colored diamonds can be much more personal than a white diamond and really speak to your personality.  They are also a great choice for a 2nd or subsequent marriage.  Whether you use a colored diamond in an engagement ring or in an everyday ring you’ll want to know what your options are and what to look out for.

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Colors of Colored Diamonds

We are going to briefly talk about some of the different colors of naturally colored diamonds you will find.

purple diamond denver

Pink Diamonds

Most pink diamonds come from Australis. Pink diamonds come in all different shades. And just like other colored diamonds, they can be graded faint, very light, light, fancy light, fancy intense, fancy deep, and fancy vivid. So the more intense the color of the diamond, the higher the price of the diamond.  To learn 8 amazing facts about pink diamonds we found a great article at Cape Town Diamond Museum.

Red Diamonds

Red Diamonds are the rarest of all colored diamonds.  A red diamond is a diamond that displays red color and exhibits the same mineral properties as colorless diamonds.

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds come in hues from light blue diamonds to dark blue diamonds.

Yellow Diamonds

Fancy Yellow Diamonds generally have shades of other colors present as well, such as orange or brown. The most desirable and valuable yellow diamonds, however, are those with a pure, intense yellow color. Pure yellow diamonds are often referred to as Canary Diamonds or Canary Yellow Diamonds.

Black Diamonds

Just as the sound, black diamonds are dark, the darker the better.  Years ago, we helped Elvis Presley with a black diamond ring.  Truly one of the highlights of my career.

Brown Diamonds

Years ago, many thought brown diamonds were not worth much value but by a creative marketing scheme, chocolate diamonds were born and are now all the rage.

Colored Diamond Rings

Perhaps you just want to buy a colored diamond ring all ready to be shipped.  No problem, we have an entire online jewelry store for you to peruse.  But maybe you are wanting to design a custom colored diamond ring.  Well, that is our specialty!  We love creating custom jewelry and colored diamond engagement rings. Simply book a free appointment with us to learn more.