Custom Men’s Rings

So many jewelry blogs are centered around women’s jewelry.  And tips for buying engagement rings.  Let’s not forget the men.  Men’s rings may not be as elaborate as women’s but most men still want something that is special for them. If you are looking for custom men’s rings we have several options for you to consider. Perhaps you simply want to buy a men’s ring in stock. Or maybe you want a custom men’s ring.  Maybe you got married during the Pandemic and haven’t been able to pick a ring out. Or maybe you’re newly engaged and planning your picture-perfect wedding! You planned your wedding from Pinterest, why not also buy his wedding ring online?! Design his custom ring today!

Men’s Rings In Stock

We work with several distributors to get you in-stock men’s rings at the highest quality and best price.  You can select the metal whether it be gold, silver, rose gold, or platinum.  We even have metals in black and blue color.   Perhaps he wants stones included in his wedding band.  We can do that too!  You choose how many stones, the style, and what type of stone you want.  Whether it be diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, tanzanite, or even semi-precious, we can get you exactly what you need!

emerald men's wedding ring platinum wedding band men's tanzanite mens ring

Custom Men’s Rings

So in what ways can you customize his wedding ring? First, choose what metal you might want. Are you thinking gold? Well which type, yellow, white, or rose gold? Maybe you want titanium, no problem! Second, maybe you add a personal stone. You could add your birthstone or maybe the stone from the month you are going to say “I do!” And if you want a stone, it’s time to think about the 4 C’s! Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat! Third, maybe add some embellishments and design! Possibly a black zirconium inlay, just to make his ring a little more special.

black zirconium inlay

Here at Kortz, we want to make his moment special too, with a custom wedding ring! We have a simple 4 step process for designing wedding bands.

Step 1: Get in contact with us and send us your ideas!

Step 2: Let’s set up a meeting! We can either meet through zoom or in person. We want to hear every idea you have so we can create the perfect blend of magic for his ring, together!

Step 3: During our meeting, you’ll log on to our site and we’ll go through different ring options.

Step 4: You’ll pick out the metal, engraving, and possibly stone that will be on his hand forever! We will then create a 3D design of his ring to show you via CounterSketch, our online design system!


CounterSketch 3D ring

Unique Wedding Rings

Maybe you want to steer away from the traditional band? We can help you create the perfect unique ring. Do you want a specific color in his ring? You could have his favorite color inlay in the ring for an extra unique effect! We can also create designs in the ring, such as adding texture to the band!

Textured band

Engraved Wedding Rings

For the perfect finishing touch to his ring, have it engraved! We can even do the engraving in your handwriting! For this customization, they met 20 years ago and each went their separate ways. They met again 20 years later and their love renewed. So his bride had “A 20 Year Love Story” in her handwriting etched onto his wedding band!



Contact us today and we’ll create the perfect ring for him, whether that’s unique, totally customized, or a stunning engraving to forever memorialize your love story!