Buying an Engagement Ring

3 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Before you can pop the question, you need to purchase the perfect engagement ring. However, finding a ring in stores isn’t always possible. Luckily, a customized engagement ring allows you to design a piece that your significant other will love. Here are some tips to help you get started with this process.

3 Tips for Buying Custom Engagement Rings, Denver, Colorado

How to Customize an Engagement Ring

1. Plan Ahead

Customizing an engagement ring may take longer than buying one that is already made. You need to consider what you want in advance, so the jeweler has time to craft the piece. Be open to suggestions from the jeweler as well in terms of comfort and style.

2. Make a List of Necessary Features

engagement ringsIt helps to have at least a basic idea of what you want the ring to look like when you contact a jeweler. Think about factors like the cut, shape, color, and band style. To help you brainstorm, browse the selection at stores or in catalogs. You might find one ring that has a cut you really like and one with a band style you prefer. A custom jeweler can help you bring those features together.

3. Bring in Unique Aspects

One of the best features of a customized engagement ring is that added personal touch. For example, you might choose to complement the main diamond with gems in their favorite color. You could even have the band engraved with a short message, date, or set of initials.

3. Use a Personal Jeweler With Custom Software

When you work with the personal jewelers at Kortz Originals, you get more than just service. You get to sit with an experienced designer and custom-build a 3D rendering of your dream ring. With the ability to change colors, stone size and shapes, embellishments and more, you will be able to see your ring being designed in real-time, giving you more custom options and immediate visual renderings.

If you’re interested in a custom engagement ring or any other custom piece of jewelry and want to discuss your options, contact Kortz Originals. Serving customers throughout Denver, CO, the family-owned company has a history of making custom jewelry—tracing all the way back to 1892. The creative jewelers will come right to you and help come up with a piece that’s completely unique. They also use cutting edge technology to build real-time images of pieces based on your sketches and descriptions. You can view a gallery of designs on the company’s website or call (303) 520-0955 to schedule a consultation.