oldest denver jeweler

Oldest Denver Jeweler

Kortz Jewelers has been around for 4 generations.  You probably remember it as a landmark on the 16th street mall with the famous Kortz clock.  We operated out of the University building for almost 100 years making Kortz the oldest Denver jeweler.

But old does not mean we have not kept up with the times.  In fact, we are now completely online.  But we do not simply just resell other’s jewelry as many online stores do.  With Kortz you get a personal jeweler.  Real people to talk to and guide you through the entire jewelry buying process.  If you would like to order something online, we highly recommend you call us first.  We want you to be thrilled with your purchase and ensure you are getting the best possible value for your money.  So we will personally review your purchase before you make it.  And we can even have the purchase sent to us first for evaluation and appraisal.  This means it can be sent back if it is not up to Kortz quality standards.


Personal Jeweler

Kortz is Now Online

To keep up with the changing times, you will now find us online but we still have the personal touch you will not find with other online jewelry stores.  And the family business knowledge of 4 generations in the jewelry business.  Bob Kortz would love to be your personal jeweler.  If you call us today we can get Bob to personally speak with you.  If you are looking for a loose stone or an engagement setting, Bob will personally contact our many distributors to find you the perfect fit. He can even help you design your own custom jewelry.

Kortz is Oldest Denver Jeweler

Let’s be clear.  Old does not mean we have not kept up with the changing times.  It simply means we have 4 generations in the jewelry business backing us up.  And our reputation is really important to us.  Just check out our online reviews.