Rare Loose Gemstones

Finding the Perfect Loose Gemstones

Are you on the hunt for loose gemstones?  Perhaps you are looking for a diamond for an engagement ring or a rare red sapphire.  Regardless of your quest let Kortz be your personal jeweler to help you hunt down perfect loose gemstones.

Personal Jeweler

As your personal jeweler, we will work for you to find you the exact loose gemstone you are looking for.  It’s kind of like a real estate agent helping you to find the perfect house. You do not pay anything for our work.  You only pay for the stone once we find it and you agree to buy it.  We recently helped a man field a shield-shaped diamond.  We have also been on the hunt for a rare 4 carat light blue sapphire for an engagement ring.  And one of our finest moments was the black diamond we got for Elvis Presley.

Loose Stone Finder

If you already have an idea of what gemstone you are looking for you can start your search with our gem finder tool.  But we highly suggest you simply give us a call or shoot us an email of what you are looking for.  We have so many distributors we work with after four generations in the jewelry business that we have a huge advantage over our competition.

Rare Loose Gemstones

There are several loose gemstones even rarer than diamonds.

  1. Tanzanite, the beautiful blue stone is only found in Tanzania in east Africa.
  2. Larimar from the Dominican Republic.
  3. Black Opals from Australia.
  4. Paraiba tourmalines are the only tourmaline stones with a bright turquoise hue.
  5. Red beryl, also known as bixbite or red emerald is only found in Utah, New Mexico, and Mexico.

Putting Your Loose Stone in a Setting

If you already have a loose gemstone you are wanting to put in a ring, necklace, or another setting we can help with that too.  Check out our custom jewelry design options.

Loose Gemstones